Friday, October 21, 2016

Madness, Badassness and a Little Bit of Sadness

I'll be scarce over the next week-ish.

I've been cleaning like mad because my long-lost-uncle (seriously!) is coming to stay with us for a week. Being awkward in an awkward situation does nothing for my anxiety... but I hope that in all the weirdness that there's some fun too. He arrives today and at this point I'm just trying to focus on not having a panic attack (ugh!). Wish me luck!

My kid is excited about my uncles visit. I'm glad because lately he's been very teenagery.  We decided to cheer him a bit...

I baked him a cake and we had a fake birthday for him. (His birthday is March) He smiled. He laughed. We all ate cake. It was great :)

The Christmas making has begun and will be in full swing next week. There's a batch of unfinished snowballs having an orgy in the studio right this minute!

I didn't make any last year but I had a number of requests for them for this year. Sometimes, when you make the same thing over and over, it loses it's magic. I never want to feel like making things is a chore and I've enjoyed making this batch. Yay! Anyway, they won't be listed until after Halloween... maybe after Remembrance Day... I'll let you know when they're posted.

Finally, poor Pads. He's not feeling too well.

If you've got some sweet thoughts to spare, be sure to send them his way. I'll give him an extra scratch just from you and he'll be right as rain in no time at all.

Hope you're well and dandy and everything is candy and roses in your world.

Big squishes and kisses to you, from me.


  1. BIG hugs to Pads! And to YOU!! I look around and realize we've set up our life here to be so anti-visitor. Our postmistress calls our home/studio the "Fortress of Solitude!" because no one gets in! A spare bedroom? Sorry that's our packing and shipping room. Sofa? uh-huh, it's right there between my work table and the full sized floor weaving loom! lol It's been quite effective. : )

    And I totally get the magic that is held, or lost, in making items again and again. . . I did the same thing with gingerbread fairy houses last year. Didn't make a single one though people asked of them. This year I'll be making tiny ones on winter landscaped stars but none of the larger ones.

    Cant wait to see the completed snowballs!

    Sending you thoughts of a stress and anxiety free week as well as extra love for Pads!!

  2. good luck Pads
    your snowballs are fantastic

  3. a. long long uncle. I swear your life is a Dickens novel.
    b. your son has obviously not fallen far from your tree - he's enchanted
    c. LOVE those snowballs!!! I didn't know you did things like that! delightful!
    d. I love seeing your emails show up in my inbox!

  4. e. and how could I forget??? scratch Pads ears for me!

  5. Big hugs and ear scratches for Pads (great name too) and yes guests here, no can do, you would have to share the many dog beds with the said dogs. Small house, one big craft room. :) I do LOVE your snowballs, can't wait to see them finished. :)

  6. Ear scratches and belly rubs going out to Padfoot! I love the snowball I got from you several years ago... maybe a "friend" since he seems most lonely!!
    Hope your visit goes well... squishes backatcha!

  7. Wow, a long lost uncle? yea right- hide the good silver! heeheee
    those snowballs are a riot and can't wait to see the finished,as I don't seem to recall them,not that I can recall much these days!
    Anyways, happy un-birthday to your son, good luck with your week and visitor and most of all, Chum send slobbery wet kisses to Pads and pleas give him so extra hugs an lovin from me "( Sending you wishes for all good things Nichola xx

  8. Happy, healthy thoughts for Padfoot, and lots of ear scratches and head kisses. I wish all our four-footed friends could live as long and as healthily as we want them to.

    I am loving your snowmen. One day I am going to get around to trying your tutorial. But right now, all I can see are the two at the bottom of the pic who look like they are about to have a very awkward French kiss.

  9. I understand your anxiety about your uncle visiting! My husband's estranged sister is visiting us (just for the day) while we are traveling in the RV....I bet it turns out to be a wonderful visit and I too, am loving those snowballs! You make me want to break out my paper clay! Wishing you a wonderful reunion! Love your posts!

  10. hugs, kisses, & ear scratches to Pads.

  11. Your talent is are such a wonder...I love your blog and your family and friends...You are a never ending saga of joy unspeakable. I love the clever you are! I am with you totally on the no chore of crafting these marvels. I look forward to your blog continually. Be blessed and have a happy happy visit! I am sure we will hear of about a truly marvy adventure! Can't wait!
    Again...Blessings and love!

  12. Oops! I forgot to give Pads a scratch...and a big hug! <3

  13. Oh Pads I love your frosty face. My puppy girl Chloe and I are sending you huge big love and lots if ear rubs. I hope you feel better soon.
    Ooh lost relatives are almost as much fun as lost money that you find when you have a shopping urge to scratch.
    I hope your visit is fun and the gnomes behave themselves.
    Ah ha! Snowballs being saucy or are they catching snowflakes? I do suppose that would be lunch for a snowball. Whatever they are doing I love them!!!

  14. Thanks for the lovely little bit of whimsey this Sunday Morning... happy sigh... and I agree with Jackie P. Neal's comment above.... Your life IS just like a Dickens' novel! (Isn't it refreshing that there are still people who know and love Dickens that visit you?)