Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Little Christmas Shrine

It really and truly is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. There's a month of making and baking ahead, but this little elf is getting her holly jolly on. (We did get snow btw and that helps the holiday spirit A LOT.)

I'v been making loads of little things and this little Christmas shrine popped up on my work table this week.

I've used this House Shrine with Doors for the base. If you know me at all, you know how I feel about doors (or rather how I struggle with hinges) so those suckers are glued wide open. Why would you want to close it up anyway? You want to be able to see all the cute inside!

I've embellished with papers from this month's House Ornament Kit, Gold Ric Rac Dresden Borders Set, Glass Christmas Seed Bead Garland and Flat-Back Gold Star Studs. For the little legs I've trimmed down this Set of Wooden Table Legs.
All the wee things tucked inside can be found HERE. And, while all of my little boxes are just decorated cubes... wouldn't this be the most darling way to present a small gift?! A tiny bauble perhaps, with a love note tucked into that little drawer would be perfection!

Here's the full list of supplies from Alpha Stamps:
House Shrine with Doors
Christmas Delivery 6x6 Paper Pad
Tiny Christmas Windows Collage Sheet
Gold Ric Rac Dresden Borders Set
Glass Christmas Seed Bead Garland
Flat-Back Gold Star Studs
Set of Wooden Table Legs
Fancy Gold Holly Berries Mix*
Fancy Red Holly Berries Mix*
Santa Sleigh Silver Charm Set**
Tim Holtz Adornments Pinecones
Wired Pine Needle Stems*
Woodland Tree Lot - 5 Tiny Trees

P.S. I hope my American friends have had a great Thanksgiving! I am grateful for you.


  1. I think it is we who are grateful for you and your shining light, Nichola. Love the little shrine!! Blessings to you and yours, and everyone out there...xoxo

  2. I have to agree with SheilaAR. I come here knowing that just being here is a lift for the spirit.
    You are probably lucky that we don't all come live in your backyard in tiny houses and gypsy Garcia. You have a real gift and not just a creative one it is a gift of spirit. Than YOU for sharing your talent, your imagination and your life with all of us.

  3. Ohhh you gotta love spellcheck or what I think of as The Offering of WRONG Words demon that comes with these phones.

    I have no idea what a gypsy Garcia is and I think I will opt out of
    living in one

  4. Oh that is just cute! I love the use of the thimble for the tree pot. Normally I think nutcrackers are creepy - but that mini one is very cute!

  5. Of course I had to order every jot and tittle - I did with your wonderful hearse too!
    Sandy xx

  6. Nichola,

    When I think of what makes Christmas memories special, it's the things that one cannot replace. Ornaments, old lights, train platforms. Yes, we can make new memories with new decorations over the years. . . but the old things, the long lost and deeply etched in memory, the irreplaceable, thats what keeps the spirit inside. This piece reminds me of some of those from days gone by. Being one of a kind certainly adds to the delight but it is so sweetly crafted and filled with magic. To have this in one's home would ensure that it would be treasured across the years and, if ever lost, in those later-year memories too precious to lose. : )

  7. Nicola, it's your directions challenged Katie,again. I've 16 pieces in front of me and I know if I could see where to start, I could knock this sucker out.