Monday, November 07, 2016

The return of the cheeky snowballs

They're back!

I started making cheeky snowballs almost 10 years ago (what the?!). Last year I took a break from them. This year they are back in all their full glittery glory!

I gotta say, I'm really happy with this bunch. I spent a little extra time on them, adding eyebrows, and the glitter on them is really pretty.

I've made quite a big batch of these and I'm not sure if I'll manage a second batch before Christmas. There has been a lot of pre-season interest in them this year so you might want to snag one quickly if you have your heart set on getting them.

I have two listings set up for these. 

I've got loads of stuff on the go at the moment and I can't wait to show it all off!

Have a great week, my lovely. Remember, I adore you.


  1. I just ordered a set of two. They are so adorable. So much personality!

  2. :-) Very funny these insolent snowballs

  3. I adore your snowballs. One day I am going to use your tut and have to make a few myself for my own tree. Love the use of the glitter - makes them look especially frosty.

  4. I just can't hardly stand how adorable these snowballs are! You are my Autumn, Winter, and all the rest of the year Crafty Queen!

  5. So funny - you are wonderfully creative!
    Sandy xx

  6. These never fail to make me smile from ear to ear!! :) So happy to see them here again in time for the holidays ahead. . . just lovely!