Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Day 20 - A Tag for Lubbly Bubbly

Mr Pixie insisted that a wine tag be included in this crafty-advent-Christmas-countdown-madness. Who am I to argue with 'the idea guy'?

So I made this pretty sparkling thing with a Large Tag from Graphic 45 as the base and added some snips of trims and lace from my stash, a splosh of glitter and a vintage image.

Speaking of sparkling... we drink sparkling wine fairly regularly in this house. Even so, it always feels like a cheeky treat to pop open a bottle for no particular reason.

I'm not one for making resolutions, but THAT sounds like a lovely goal for 2017. To make and extra effort to celebrate nothing in particular, just celebrate. 

And perhaps we'll strive for a little more good natured cheekiness too.

P.S. How are you holding up? I'm frazzled.


  1. Cheers.............and the best New Year to you, Nichola.

  2. Absolutely adore this tag!!! Truly LOVE it. Those ladies?!?!! Really do like it a lot. Merry Christmas Nichola and Happy New Year!

  3. What a beautiful tag! I really like how the vintage photo looks. Did you print it out on watercolor paper or fabric--the texture really adds to the design.

  4. Celebration is always warranted. . . no reason necessary! For instance, we made your recipe for Cherry Launds yesterday and, while that batch is certainly a holiday inspired treat, we make them year around just because cookies are right up there as a celebratory item no matter the reason. :)

  5. Oh this is great! I have been looking for something quick to do for a late minute gift ( yes late!) what better thing to do than dress up some bubbly. I love those ladies! I think living in the Pixie House must be a sort of celebration all by itself!