Friday, December 23, 2016

Day 23 - A Painting and Self-Doubt

I've got my fingers crossed that my father-in-law won't peek at today's blog post. This little painting is for him. It's of his dog, Granite, that he lost a couple of years ago.

The painting is small. Just 4" square. Painted in acrylics.

I showed Mr Pixie the painting in-progress and he said "That's supposed to be Granite?"

BOOM!!! crippling self doubt.

I showed him a photo of the dog (which I can't find right now... of course) and put the two side by side. They are damned near identical.

He said he was misrembering what the dog looked like. and I know he certainly didn't mean to cause distress... but damn if I'm not a baby of huge proportions with a delicate ego to boot. And STILL, while I know this looks like the dog. I can see it with my eyes... anxiety does stupid things to the artists mind.

Here's hoping Nono Pixie cries when he opens it because I'm fairly certain that's the only thing that will calm my stupid self-doubt.