Friday, December 23, 2016

Day 23 - A Painting and Self-Doubt

I've got my fingers crossed that my father-in-law won't peek at today's blog post. This little painting is for him. It's of his dog, Granite, that he lost a couple of years ago.

The painting is small. Just 4" square. Painted in acrylics.

I showed Mr Pixie the painting in-progress and he said "That's supposed to be Granite?"

BOOM!!! crippling self doubt.

I showed him a photo of the dog (which I can't find right now... of course) and put the two side by side. They are damned near identical.

He said he was misrembering what the dog looked like. and I know he certainly didn't mean to cause distress... but damn if I'm not a baby of huge proportions with a delicate ego to boot. And STILL, while I know this looks like the dog. I can see it with my eyes... anxiety does stupid things to the artists mind.

Here's hoping Nono Pixie cries when he opens it because I'm fairly certain that's the only thing that will calm my stupid self-doubt.



  1. I think your painting is wonderful. You caught the expression of Granite's eyes and mouth. You also did an excellent job with the fur and the various textures, rougher coat and then silky smooth around the ears and jaw. I think your father in law will love it.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Such a thoughtful gift! And beautifully painted. Don't worry...he's going to be delighted by it and touched by your thoughtfulness.

  3. Banish your self-doubt to the farthest corners of the Universe! This little painting is damn near a masterpiece, with soulful eyes and such a kind expression. I'm willing to bet FIL Pixie will love it.

  4. Hey he is wonderful! A very sweet puppy face and I am sure he will be loved. My mother has a painting of her dog and I am telling you it is not one 10 th as good.
    You really are a stand out Pixie!
    Merry Christmas! And I think all artists have fragile egos bc when you put something out there it isn't just art it your soul and fingers and toes ( and maybe a first born or two) lol

  5. Sometimes people are involved in their own personal space and then out comes filler words to fit their mood and perceived time to communicate. I'm sure the thought behind the comment was none, just a knee jerk reaction. Those things bother me too. I guess we are all human. Be proud of your gift. We see it. Merry Christmas!

  6. This is a lovely, thoughtful gift that captures a dog's nature perfectly. I never was fortunate enough to meet Granite, but anyone who has ever loved a dog would be thrilled to have this lovingly heart-crafted gift.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration you provide all year long.

  7. Gosh you are good - he should love it!!!
    Sandy xx

  8. This painting is so beautiful! I would love to get such a lovely memory of a beloved dog.

  9. Granite is full of life. I think he is gorgeous. No worries, you are an amazement.

  10. He looks to be a wonderful dog. I am sure father-in-law will love and appreciate it and the effort you put into it. Have faith!