Friday, March 03, 2017

Victorian Frame and Easel

I kind of feel like I'm on the verge of a mid-life crisis. I have this strong desire to wear leopard print, snap gum and listen to old time country music about standin' by yer man. 

I'm sort of looking at 'Flo' from Alice as my new life role model. She's a sassy fire cracker who's catch phrase is "Kiss my grits!" I feel like saying that an awful lot lately so I figured I'd make a sign I can just point too when annoyed. 

The 'kissy grits' part is a very quick embroidery I just whipped up on some cotton fabric. I've placed the embroidery in a Victorian Frame and Easel and gussied that sucker up with flowers and paper butterflies. 

I mean, just because I'm annoyed, doesn't mean I don't want things to be pretty!

This would actually be a great sized frame for an ATC, which would sit nicely with a border between the card and the edge of the frame. Or you could just go old school and put a picture in there.

I'm certain you could figure this one out yourself, but just in case, there's a video walkthrough HERE (link shortly.)

And the teeny tiny supply list!
• Victorian Frame and Easel
• Acrylic paint
• White glue if you want a crackle finish
• Faux flowers and leaves
• Paper butterflies
• Hot glue


  1. god and goddess, I used to love hear Flo say 'kiss my grits." LOL

    such a pretty sign!

    It reminds me of a lovely sign we had painted for the door of my art and hand craft gallery years ago with beautiful calligraphy that read: We love children and usually find them adorable, but not running loose in our gallery. Please ask them to sit down or hold their hand or we will be forced to kill them.

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