Thursday, April 13, 2017

Stones and Small Sparks

I have a theory. 

I think that fairies start out as tiny sparks of energy and are sort of incubated within things like trees, seeds and rocks. They grow and form until they can no longer be contained and break free.

Every time I see a split rock I'm quite sure that another fairy has burst into the world.

There's something wonderful about those split rocks and the energy required to break them open.

There's a lot of them around here, those split rocks, and I wanted to do something to celebrate them.

I thought of painting an egg and a bird inside, or other things that fit together... but I decided to start with night and day. After all, that's how most creation stories begin.

And now... what? 

Perhaps I'll tie those pieces together with a length of golden thread and place it back out in the world.

Or maybe, just for a a little while, I'll keep night and day by my bedside as a reminder of the magic in small sparks of energy.


  1. I love this so much! You should keep one for yourself and definitely put one back out in the world somewhere. Can you imagine the wonder of the person who finds it?! It would make me grin so widely to stumble on such a treasure!

  2. How wonderful! I would never have thought to do that!!!
    Very creative ... and I'd like to believe your fairy story is true!!
    Have an absolutely wonderful weekend.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  3. This is utterly delicious. I'm a huge fan of guerrilla art, and I can just imagine stumbling upon one of these in some remote place.

  4. What a mysterious and exciting thing to come across on a hike or making the same walk home every day! It would be magical!

    I love your theory on the creation of faeries - though I must admit I prefer James M. Barrie's thoughts on the matter. Have you ever noticed, no matter their character - whether kind, mischievous, secretive, lazy, greedy or insatiable, faeries all have one thing in common: they're stunningly beautiful. I think every sexual climax emits the energy to create thousands of new and unique faeries to inhabit the world. "P

  5. What a lovely theory! You have made a believer out of me. I now have some inspiration for all the little piles of 'rocks of interest' lying around the house :)

  6. How sad, that we all don't believe in the magic of the forest, or any of the magic around us, for that matter. I really enjoy reading your blog, it always makes me smile.

  7. I adore that tale! Sofie used to do the same thing, when I first met her she had a rather large split rock that she painted with gold leaf on the inside and bound with gold thread too. Great minds. . .

    I have been immersed in writing my first book and it has taken me down so many wonderful roads of myth, lore, legend and magic. I could just research and read all day. . . but best of all in inventing those stories for our own worlds. Creation, existence, possibilities. . .

    Looking forward to seeing the next split stone. :)