Thursday, April 13, 2017

Stones and Small Sparks

I have a theory. 

I think that fairies start out as tiny sparks of energy and are sort of incubated within things like trees, seeds and rocks. They grow and form until they can no longer be contained and break free.

Every time I see a split rock I'm quite sure that another fairy has burst into the world.

There's something wonderful about those split rocks and the energy required to break them open.

There's a lot of them around here, those split rocks, and I wanted to do something to celebrate them.

I thought of painting an egg and a bird inside, or other things that fit together... but I decided to start with night and day. After all, that's how most creation stories begin.

And now... what? 

Perhaps I'll tie those pieces together with a length of golden thread and place it back out in the world.

Or maybe, just for a a little while, I'll keep night and day by my bedside as a reminder of the magic in small sparks of energy.