Monday, June 19, 2017

A Wee Potting Bench

Hey look! A new project! You're shocked, I know,

I've been puttering with this gardening table/potting bench for a while and finally wrapped it up. It's cute, no?

There's loads of wee pots with sprouts...

Some toadstools growing below...

And birdhouses ready to hang in the garden. Can you spy the tiniest mouse ever?

It's just a sweet little project. A slice of miniature summer. (That 'soil' is spent coffee grounds and tealeaves btw.)

Here are some of the supplies I used in this piece.

Tiny Bird Box
Tiny Bird House
Workshop Table 1:12
Mini Gardening Hand Tools 

Or you can buy the wee thing I made HERE


  1. Love it! Being somewhat obsessed with 1:12 miniatures, this one sent me over the moon. I would never have thought of using the polka dot mushrooms and they're just perfect. It took a good look to see how you managed such a lush scene with so few plants. That kind of thing is why you're the pro that the rest of us aspire to.....

  2. Once again . . . not sure how you do what you do!