Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Once upon a time under the sea...

Once upon a time a gentleman dove deep, deep, deep under the sea.

Where he met his true love.

Her frock covered all of her mermaiden parts so he did not know if she she had a swishy fishy tale beneath her skirts. And she refused to show him. She was a lady after all!

They married under the sea horse arch with glittery shells and baubles.

They stood beneath a lucky star fish.

They lived happily ever after and he never once revealed what was hidden beneath that frock!

Want to tell a tale of underwater love? Here's the list of bits lovely people!

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UPDATE: Such a response to my underwater lovers! 

The gentleman diver is actually William Walker. He was a deep sea diver who helped to save Winchester Cathedral from collapse. He went underwater to work on the foundation of the Cathedral for 6 years! You can read more about that story HERE. A quick search will turn up plenty of photos of him.

Our merlady is a bit more of a mystery. She is one of two ladies pictured in the 1870's tin type photograph below. I'm not sure of the original source of the image or who the lovely ladies are. If you stumble on the info, please let me know!