Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Magic House Box Shrine with Tutorial

Small things are often jam packed with magic. Take buttons for example. I am 100% certain that buttons contain infinite amounts of magic. How many of us have memories of grandma's button tin? There simply MUST be magic in those little wonders.

This month I've used Gypsy Soul's Mini House Room Box to create a space to celebrate these small bits of magic. A place to tuck away thimbles and stones and buttons, all those precious tiny things that hold big memories.

There's LOADS of room for personalisation with this project. 

My Faux Typewriter Keys spell out MAGIC but you could order keys to spell out a name create a personalized memory shrine or choose to spell out a word that is particularly sentimental to you and really make this project your own.

I've put some tiny feet on my shrine but you could easily add hanging hardware to the back, or a length of ribbon or twine for hanging.

And check out the roof detail! If you make mini houses the Chipboard Shingles are a lot of fun to play with.

The assembly for this piece is super simple, but just in case you'd like to see how I put it together, **HERE** is a video walk through to guide you.

Products used in this piece:
Chipboard Shingles - Half Scale Sampler
Mini House Room Box 4 Cubbies
Faux Typewriter Keys Gold
Victorian Corners 1
Winged Heart**
Scrapbook paper
Acrylic Paint
White and Instant glue
Small treasures!


  1. I would bet that your house is just chock full of magical things. I can hear the "dusting fairy" grumble with each new addition. But all are oh so cute.

  2. PURE magic, as always!!! I've always had a typesetter's letter tray mounted on my wall for tiny treasures but this is farrrrrrr more enchanted! :)

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