Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer Adventures: Dragons and spiders

I'm alive! I've been busy having fun.

Two weeks ago I road tripped with my buddies to Ottawa to see La Machine, a sort of interactive moving mechanical bit of madness and badassness.

A giant spider roamed through the market.

Look at the size of that big yellow beast!

People were so distracted by the giant spider that some didn't even notice the dragon lurking up the side street.

The giant FIRE-BREATHING dragon!

People waited and mulled around for hours to get a glimpse of these fellows. By dumb luck we ran right into them. We were so close it's fortunate we didn't get eaten.

This guy was incredible. In addition to breathing fire and smoke, his eyes opened and closed, those flappy things (which Im sure there's a name for but will be called flappy things for the time being) flapped, his mouth opened. It was an overwhelming experience.

Here's a pretty good idea at the size of that roaming fellow.

The beasts were also followed by musicians on cranes that played live music to accompany the performance.

They continued their roaming into night! But we counted ourselves lucky to have had such a close encounter during their daytime walkabout and decided to drink instead ;)

More from my holiday adventures tomorrow.

Until then, watch out for dragons!