Saturday, November 11, 2017

Vintage Christmas Box

We had a teeny bit of snow, the temperatures are flipping cold as heck, and so it's time for the fat dude to make an appearance.

This piece is made using the Tiny Diorama Box from The box is quite sturdy and it's a fun size to work with. It's not itty bitty so those who don't work in miniature will undoutedly find it relatively easy to work with.

Some Wired Pine Needle Stem accents the opening of the frame. For some added chilly winter effect I applied some Twinklets Diamond Dust to these berries.

The paper used on the box is Vintage Christmas Snowglobes Scrapbook Paper and the Santa image is from the Snug In Their Beds collage Sheet.

A tiny bit of organza ribbon and addtional glitter to finish it off, and I'm ready to tackle winter (not really... but lets just pretend I've got it together).