Friday, December 15, 2017

A Glorious Moon and Morning

I am not a morning person. At all. I need at least 3 mugs of coffee before I am civil. Ask me to pick between sunsets and rises and I will pick sets every time. But this morning the sky was pink and reflecting off the pristine snow and streaming through  the white birch branches and I took notice.

A friend commented that Mother Nature "did phone up and say she was happy you took notice. FINALLY!" and I'm sure this is true. I feel like I've been missing so many of the beautiful things around me. 2017 has kicked my ass so badly that I've been bandaged head to toe and blinded to the things that make me happiest. I'll be glad when this year is gone. GOOD BLOODY RIDDANCE TO YOU 2017! *shakes fist angrily*

BUT let's stay focused on nice things like happy moons and little houses.

A new moon shrine. This fellow measures 7" wide 10" tall and 1.25" deep. It's a tiny bit different than some of the other shrines I've made.

The clay used for the moon is different than the one I normally use. Those stars are something a little different too. Different isn't better or worse... it's just different.

Generally speaking, the only time different is bad is when someone uses it to describe your work. "Oh, that's different." This is the song of the choir that doesn't have praise for your art but doesn't want to offend you.

Those mushrooms are different too. I normally stick to paperclay, it's my preferred material, but these are polymer. Again... no better or worse, just different.

This piece is available in the etsy shop HERE

P.S. If you happen to be nearby, my doors will be open tomorrow, Saturday December 16th from 10am till 4pm. And I'll be around Sunday from 1pm until 3pm for stragglers. Stop in and say "Hello weirdo, you're work is... different."


  1. I adore your little moonlit faery village under the mushrooms! Different is right - delightfully so!
    Your photo of your land is so relaxing and peaceful ... what marvelous surroundings you have to live and work and play - and create! - in!

  2. I would love to stop by Nichola, but I am too far away. Love all you do, it is fantastic, mystical and beautiful.

    Wishing a wonderful 2018 for you.

  3. Still dark here in Victoria, BC, we have some frost on the roofs but it's sprinkling rain here. We have been spoiled with two weeks of sunny days, cold but sunny. Your morning looks much better there than here.
    I love your wee village under the shrooms. The moon is rather jolly too. I wish you a successful and extremely fun weekend.

  4. As a fellow non morning person who has had a rough go of it in 2017, I can completely relate to this post. I just wanted to say that you have brought me a lot of joy this year since I discovered your lovely, sparkly blog. Thanks for sharing your creativity with the world. It shines a light. Here's to a wonderful 2018!

  5. I'm with you, Nichola on saying goodbye to 2017. But at the same time I must say that sharing your creativity, whimsy and vision has been inspirational therapy for me, helping me deal with all the 2017 craziness here in the US. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  6. We were there in sprit and we'll be sending wishes for the year to come to be the complete miror opposite of the last for you dear one! I've gone full reversal in life. . . from a night owl who only saw the occasional sunrise on the tail end of a long night creating to a middlin' aged fellow who now wakes at or before 5am every day to write for a few hours. And I suppose the greatest benefit which I only now just realized is that I get to see BOTH the set and rise every day! :)

    Love the polymer mushrooms! I am just now starting to experiment with paper clay. . . liking it very much but yes, the two are different. : )