Friday, December 01, 2017

Peg Doll Angels and Fairies with Tutorial

It's that time of year again when I itch to make some adorable little peg dolls. Honestly, how sweet are they with their cute striped legs?!?!

Normally I stick to fairies but this year I've mixed things up a bit by adding angels into the crew.

I'm not normally an angel person... but I can't resist a sparkly pipe cleaner halo.

Looking for wings? Might I suggest the following collage sheets?

I really like using tufts of wool roving for the hair. In a pinch you could use some cotton batting, heck you could use a cotton ball! You might even unravel some yarn or use some moss for their locks.

Just don't get hung up on making these perfect. I think they're so much more fun and charming with their imperfections. It gives them personality.

One word of caution: I use black gel or ink pen to add detailing. There have been times when certain inks react with certain paints. Save yourself some potential heartache, make a sample doll and ensure your ink/paint like one another and don't bleed, run, blur.

AND although I am aware of how brilliant you are, if you need help putting these adorable girls together I've created a video tutorial you might find useful. It's HERE over on my youtube channel. Go, watch, help me earn a fraction of a penny.

On to the list of requirements!

Wooden clothes pegs
Acrylic craft paints
Black gel pel or fine tip liner pen
Wool roving (or other hair substitute)
Wingy things such as:
Acorn caps
Silver Pipe Cleaner
Tulle trim
Hot glue