Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pocket Paper Fairy Folk Art

I'm sipping my coffee and tippy typing this morning post. I have new fake nails and they make everything more difficult (except scratching). Although they make things difficult, and they always fall off at the very worst moments, I like them. They make my hands look lady-like and they slow me down and force me to take notice and care in what I'm doing. When they fall off it's back to being reckless.

TODAY: more little shadow box folk art shrines. These ones filled with flying paper fairies.

I'm rather partial to those colourful dots that frame this box. They look like they'd taste lovely (though I'll show restraint and won't have a nibble).

You can find her HERE

Then again, glittery wings are rather nice too...

Available HERE

Those two girls are housed in boxes that measure just 1.5" x 3" x 1.5". They are rather tiny.

This paper fairy is slightly different, but she's sneaking into this post nonetheless.

Now, I'm going to give old Paddy a scratch on the bum with my long fake nails and have a slow enjoyable day.

Enjoy your day too. 


  1. The glittery wings are perfection. Although the wee house and darling banner on the tiniest box are really lovely.

  2. You're fairy funny. I wonder what you would be like if your were sipping spirits instead of coffee. Or was there spirits IN your coffee? Either way, you are a hoot. I love your sweet.

  3. love these wee things! All of them are truly magical.