Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Two Chippy Shadow Boxes

If the entire of 2018 goes past as quickly as the last three days, it'll pass in a blink. What a blur!!! First, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! It's going to be a great year. I can just feel it. Can you feel it? It'll be grand.

Now, on to today's project, which is actually two projects using the same chipboard 4x6 Shadowbox as the base.

The first box is a garden fairy theme... because that's what my supplies demand I create. I've used the Shadowbox Lid - Double Pane Window for this piece. You can just peek beyond the pane to see the winged fairy and butterflies inside.

I really prefer these two piece lidded boxes btw. They are soooo much easier to work with than a hinged top boxes.

Chippy Shadowbox - Nichola Battilana for

I've added a bed of Sheet Moss and loads of Tiny Paper Roses to the interior.
Chippy Shadowbox - Nichola Battilana for

I think this would actually make for a nice alternative for a birthday card. You could tuck a little message inside, a salutation for magical birthday wishes.

Chippy Shadowbox - Nichola Battilana for

Although different thematically, the exterior of both boxes is bordered with Gold Dresden. Let's face it... that stuff is just magic. I'm not one for resolutions but I think I need more lushness and opulence in my life and I'm sure upping my gold dresden usage would make my world prettier.
Chippy Shadowbox - Nichola Battilana for

Speaking of lushness and more. I've replaced this angels wings with something a little more substantial from the Angel Wings Collage Sheet. I'll admit it, sometimes size does matter. 

Chippy Shadowbox - Nichola Battilana for

A bit of cotton batting tucked into the bottom of the box, a glittery night sky, and you have a dreamy romantic shadowbox.

Chippy Shadowbox - Nichola Battilana for

Want to make your own dreamy shadowboxes? I bet you'll come up with something spectacularly magical! Here are the supplies that I used for my boxes ... and an itemized list too:

4x6 Shadowbox
Shadowbox Lid - Double Pane Window
Shadowbox Lid - Taj Mahal
Sheet Moss*
Floral Lace on Taupe Scrapbook Paper
Mixed Size Ivory Flat-Back Pearls
Angel Wings Collage Sheet
Romantique Parisian Scrapbook Paper
Fancy Gold Dresden Rosettes
Gold Star Garland
Brass Starburst Charm
Fancy Scalloped Gold Dresden Borders
Gold Dresden Halos
Thin Fleur Dresden Borders - Antique Gold
Angel Wings Collage Sheet
Bouguereau #4 (Angels) Collage Sheet
Double Dot Vintage Dark Denim Blue Scrapbook Paper
Fairy Wings Collage Sheet
Tiny Paper Roses
Bathing Beauties #1 (Tallulahs) Collage Sheet