Thursday, April 19, 2018

A little magick

Hello you! I've been working hard on loads of new wee things but haven't had much in the way of finished goodies to show off. BUT I set my mind to it, determined to to give you something to oogle, and here we go...

Three little dressers topped with magical bits and bobs.

Today just happens to be Saint Expedite's feast day and I just so happened to top this piece with items just right for offering him. A little beer bottle, cake and candles.

Just 3.5" x 5" and available HERE

Or maybe you need some help in love? A honey jar spell, a bowl of herbs, a figure candle and incense too.

3" x 6" of love magic is available HERE

If you're looking for jinx removal and protection, I've got you covered there too!

Books, wand, scrying tools, candles and more! This piece is available HERE.

And speaking of those candles... how cute are they?! Real glass filled with real wax. I might even go off the deep end and attempt to add a wick. They were an experiment that went extremely well so I've only got a handful to offer, but I'll have a limited number listed soon, then more in the near future.

Couple of other items you may find useful: Fortunes Told Collage SheetTiny Wooden BowlsHalf Scale Antiqued UrnPewter Dollhouse Dishes

P.S. I MADE IT! Seriously! I can't believe that I managed to sneak my way into being a Graphic 45 brand ambassador. So chuffed and really, really thrilled. Thanks for all your nice words xoxo


  1. beautiful work!I like vey much

  2. Love these little dresser shrines! And those candles...awesome. Congratulations on being chosen as a Graphic 45 Ambassador! They're going to LOVE you!

  3. These dressers are fabulous and magical, St. Expedite is not the only one who will love them! So beamingly proud of you but not at all surprised that you made it into G45!! They have the most fabulous paper line, and you will make the most delectable goodies with it all, I can't wait to see! Sending all love and fairy kisses over the moon at you, xoxoxo Sheila

  4. Amazing job, as always, you're just fabulously talented! You inspire me to make my own diorama, just wish it wasn't so expensive to buy all these tools and items, it really adds up. I cannot afford to just give away as gift. I once spent over $100 for one diorama box for a professional magician.

  5. Oh, I love it when you do magick! These are just fantastic! I love them!
    And your miniature altar candles could become a huge seller! I bet there are dozens and dozens of magickal crafters who are gonna want to use those!
    Thanks for sharing - love it!

  6. Your work is always so detailed, fun, and imaginative that I'm not at all surprised you earned a spot on the G45 team. Congratulations!!!

  7. You’re so fricking cool. <3 :-)