Saturday, May 05, 2018

Romantic foldy thing-a-ma-bob and box

I'm exhausted so the best I could do for a name today is "Romantic foldy thing-a-ma-bob and box". It might not be terribly eloquent but it's apt. Managing apt is pretty damn good after the past few ultra hectic days!

But it is romantic. I mean, just look at this cute little cherub butt spreading love!

And the little thing within IS foldy.

I stand by my name choice.

I've kept things really simple here. The whole box is covered in Nature Garden - Meeting a Fairy Scrapbook Paper. I've given the top of the box quite a bit of dimension, using foam squares to prop up the nude little dude, and those flowers just sort of pop right out. (Those Small White Mulberry Blossoms are really cute!)

The ATC Scalloped Trinket Box is an adorable size for precious small things, but I'm keeping this shabby ATC Ticket Journal inside
I really put the ATC Ticket Journal to the test with loads of wet washes, smooshing and experimenting. It held up pretty well after all I put it through! And all of those fussy cut bits look sweet as can be together.

You can see the smudged and flicked and distressed paint here.

I just glued a bit of scrapbook paper into place and just went to town experimenting and playing with fussy cut elements and a bit-o-paint.

I like how cheery all those mixed up elements work together.

Want to make your own? See something you need to get your hands on? HERE is where you can find all the bits. And below is a list of all the elements I used.