Saturday, July 14, 2018

An Exploding Explore Box and a Goofy Surprise

A little something something for AlphaStamps today. 

(Note: AlphaStamps has been updated and you'll need to hop over to alphastamps.NET for the shop.)

Using the Double Explosion Box from the July Kit I've created a little surprise for a sea side adventurer.

I've used a bunch of pieces from the Wanderlust Printed Chipboard which I kinda love.

Quick tip: cut your paper just slightly smaller than the sides and you wont have to worry about bends and folds at the corners. I painted my box first, then applied squares of Wanderlust Souvenir Scrapbook Paper. It made things soooo much easier.

Open the box and inside there's another, tied with twine and embellished with snips from the 
Vintage Travel Tags & Hardware Collage Sheet.

More chipboard pieces and some shell charms. I've applied stamped metal letters that have been hiding my stash for eons.

Remove that wee box and inside a compass so that you'll never be lost on your wandering adventures.

Pretty cute, no?

And, Leslie from AlphaStamps will kill me for this but I made a second goofy exploding box. 

It's all sparkles and glittery stars and unicorn stickers.

Coloured with smooshes of paint and decorated with cheap bits from the $store like fluff and plastic unicorns!

There's an important message too! Less to-dos and more ta-das!

I really do need more ta-das!We ALL need more ta-das! Anyone who says they don't has pants on fire.

ANYWAY... if you want to make an exploding explore box (or a goofy surprise) HERE are all the bits available from And here they are listed individually:

8mm Gold Flat-Back Glass Shell Cabochon
Wanderlust Printed Chipboard
20mm Resin Starfish Cabs
13x17mm Patina Starfish Charms
Patina Scallop Shell Charms
Wanderlust Souvenir Scrapbook Paper
Brass Patina Conch Shell Charms
Double Explosion Box