Saturday, August 18, 2018

Leftover Bindrune Earrings

I am not a jewelry maker. I am only just finding my jewelry wearing self to be honest.

But I had leftover bits from my AlphaStamps design kit and they demanded to be used. 

So I made these earrings from Patina Brass Narrow Feather CharmsWide Feather Charms and
42mm Bronze Key Charms.

The top bit is a bindrune combining the runes Fehu and Perthro. A bindrune is a symbol which combines two or more runes and sort of joins their meaning. Here I'm mixing luck and new beginnings with magic, hidden knowledge and feminine power. I'm hoping these give me a little boost when I where them. (There's some debate about the meaning of Perthro but I like that particular interpretation.)

Simply connected all the bits together with jump rings and the attached the top bezel to an earring post. Easy peasy!

Here's my supply list for this unexpected extra project.

Earring posts
Jump Rings


  1. Beautiful! I'm wondering if they are heavy? The key looks like it would be.

    1. They aren't nearly as heavy as they look. I hate heavy earrings, they irritate my ears, but I wore these the other day and they were perfectly fine.

    2. I definitely want to try my hand at making these then. They're some of the prettiest earrings I've seen in a while. I love unique jewelry, but I'm not a jewelry maker (yet) either. I just realized after rereading the post that you must have made the runes yourself!

    3. The runes are printed on paper, a cab glued on top, placed in a bezel. Easy peasy!

  2. These are beautiful earrings. My personal fascination with them lies with the Bindrune. I've been a rune-girl since I first saw them as a child. The mere mention of runes makes my pulse quicken a bit. I'd never heard of a Bindrune, and the idea of it thrills me beyond words. I learn the most wonderful things from you!