Saturday, September 08, 2018

Matchbox Fairy Collage Sheet & Tutorial

The countdown is on! I'm leaving Wednesday to begin my big fat trip. I'm so excited (and a little terrified) of going on my UK adventure. Things may be quiet for a few weeks on the blog while I'm away, but I'll be posting up a storm on instagram, twitter and facebook (if you prefer the sweary version you can friend request me).

The etsy shop will only sell digital items while I'm away, but I do have a new pretty thing in there.

Matchbox Fairy Collage Sheet and Tutorial -

I've created a sweet little downloadable collage sheet/tutorial package for creating matchbox fairies.

Matchbox Fairy Collage Sheet and Tutorial -

The collage sheet is jam packed!

There are six different tiny vintage ballerinas that are repeated and reversed to give you some extra options. There are a SLEW of butterflies and wings to choose from. I've also tossed in some sentiments and words and crests. AND there's also a template for making the matchbox and everything is perfectly sized to fit together. Plus there's a 2 page instructional pdf (not that you need it, you clever thing!)

Matchbox Fairy Collage Sheet and Tutorial -

And... for no other reason other than it's pretty dang nifty....

Six leaf clover -

Looky at this gorgeous 6 leaf clover I found in the garden today! I'm pressing it in a vintage book on being a gracious hostess.