Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Butterflies, Specimens and Inspiration

There was a butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum wrapping a few days after I landed in the UK. So, I jumped on a train and travelled across the country to the big city. I literally made it just a few hours before the exhibit closed.

The exhibit was in an exterior tent and it was all sorts of magic walking through the fluttering winged things.

Inside the museum there were loads of old school specimens.

Did you know that there are no real Dodo specimens? None! Not a single one! Every Dodo bird specimen found in museums is a reproduction.

But, what I really want to show you is this...

This Victorian display stands over 6ft tall and contains over 100 hummingbird specimens. It looks like chaos in photos, but in person it is absolutely amazing. I was trying to find additional information on this piece and it seems it's history is a bit of mystery. I think that adds to it's appeal.

Inspired by my visit to the Natural History Museum I've made a little butterfly "specimen" display.

I've used an inexpensive cubby box as a base and covered it with papers from Steampunk Debutante.

The butterflies are fussy cut from Butterfly Specifics from Olde Curiosity Shoppe.

I've added some small metal feet, Antique Brass Stamped Metal Brads, and an Antique Metal Door Pull to finish it off.

I have so many other interesting and inspiring things to share with you that you're going to be sick to death of me! But first I've got to get back to gluing stuff to other stuff and splashing paint on things.

Waiting for the train to London. Fun fact: you cannot get cream for your coffee in England! You can have your fill of milk, but delicious thick cream for your black gold is a rare treasure. I was gasping for a creamy cup of joe when I returned.


  1. Beautiful photos and your butterfly box! I would have loved to see that exhibit - it looks amazing!

  2. Extraordinary butterflies - your butterfly specimens are a treat to behold - so love to see your creations awesome thank you

  3. WoW! From your photos I saw on FB, it looks as though you had a most wonderful visit! I am so happy for you and so awfully glad you share your adventure through your photos!
    That butterfly exhibit looks absolutely marvelous! I once went to one in Ohio,at the Cleveland Museum- truly amazing to work through their,as you said,magical,world!
    Your inspired Butterfly piece is just beautiful!I love the staggering of the butterflies!and the feet and handle,finish it over perfectly!
    As for the Hummingbird display,you're right, it does look like Chaos! heehee But I am sure it is truly amazing up close! Boy, is there anything those Victorians did not catch and preserve? Crazy that it was just for their own viewing pleasure! I have seen many different preserved Victorian pieces over the years, and when i do , I always wonder about their wealth and lifestyle,do you think they were ever bored? lol
    Interesting note on the Dodo- I had no idea!
    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more!
    Jackie xo