Friday, June 14, 2019

A year of Free Photos

My birthday is coming up. I think I'm creeping up 'old'.

Age has never really bothered me. The truth is, I like old things... so why shouldn't I like an old me? 

One of the old things I particularly like is old photographs. I have a good sized collection and I'm trying to scan and organize them all digitally. It's something I've been meaning to do for years (but I get easily distracted soooo....)

I did make a start and have enough photos processed to post one old timey pic, once a week, for the next year. So, I'll be sharing my collection of oldies, one at a time, every Friday over the next year. Feel free to use them in your mess making.

The images are not polished and left in their grungy, smudged and speckled glory. Just how I like 'em! Without further ado... 

Please do NOT sell, give, or distribute the images as your own, digitally or printed, alone or as part of a collection, collage sheet or group. BUT DO absolutely make stuff with them and sell the stuff you make. If you share your project, a link is appreciated.

Violators will be turned into toads, given warts, all the bad stuff... I mean it... It won't be pretty. 


  1. What a wonderful photo to begin your photo collection sharing journey. Thank you, so much.

  2. Thank You! I love old photos.

  3. Thanks for your generosity. I just received some oldies too so might try and scan them too. Thanks for the inspiration 😀

  4. Dont forget the fleas of of thousand camels residing in their left armpit.
    Thank for your generosity

  5. Do you have a little information on the photos? Just a bit makes them more special!

  6. Old photographs are a magical snapshot in time. In a home I lived in two homes ago I had a wall of old photos bought at a flea market. Why anyone wouldn't have kept them is beyond me. Some were from the early 1900's. People being goofy and having fun as real and alive as can be. I named each one. The lady I had bought them from said if you didn't have the good fortune to have a nice family, you could just buy someone else's. Lol! I remember great ole "Aunt Sophie" she was a classy, fun-loving lady. Someone's aunt but now adopted by me.

  7. And, thank you for sharing!

  8. What a gorgeous idea. I'm not a scrapbooker but I read your posts just because it's such lovely eyecandy and I like your conversational style. There's nothing wrong with growing old. I love it that more and more people are celebrating their advancing years. By taking over the internet, we will reshape the way society thinks about age. Happy birthday!