Friday, June 07, 2019

Another re-do when I should be doing laundry

The laundry was piled high on the couch, waiting to be folded. Instead of doing the grown up thing, I decided to revamp this little jewelry box I snagged at the thrift store. Here's the before:

Some white spray paint and a bit of Bloom paper, and here is the after:

That glass insert had an 'interesting' design on it that I manage to scratch off with blade.

I did put the glass back in, but I put a pretty sentiment behind the glass instead. I might replace that with a photograph later. (Who am I kidding? It'll stay as is forever because I'm forgetful and lazy.)

The inside had pink flocking which I kept intact as it coordinates well with the papers. I carefully taped off the interior before spray painting.

I really do love the look of that flat matte spray paint.

Them dainty feets! And it occurs to me that I really should look at old pieces like this for their hardware. Seriously, feet and handles can get super pricey and jewelry boxes fairly easy to find and thriftily priced (this one was $4). They are usually screwed into place and easily removed. Hmmm.

And now that I've shown this redo off... I gotta grown-up and do a boatload of unfun chores. Bleh!

Wish me well as I tackle Mount Saint Laundry-pile.