Saturday, June 29, 2019

Honey Bee Shadow Boxes

While I can often be seen running, arms flailing, yelling "get lost" to wasps (in not so lady-like language) honey and bumblebees are welcome visitors in my garden.

Just look at that buzzy bum in the chive blossoms!

Inspired by my pollinating visitors, I've made a couple of sweet honey bee shadowboxes.

With Fold Up Oval and Fold Up Box Rectangle boxes as my base, I've added beautiful yellow papers from Graphic 45's Floral Shoppe. Inside there's a pretty image of a vintage lady, a pinch of moss and paper flowers.

For the exterior I've used Honeycomb & Bees. The bees have been painted and have Transparent Wings added. A tiny bit of black fuzz finish off these chippy bees.

The interior background is vintage music paper with a splash of white and blue acrylic paint.

Want to make your own? I've created a video walk through for you to follow along and create your own. You can find it over HERE

And here are all the bits you'll need:

Graphic 45's Floral Shoppe
Paper flowers
Vintage portrait images (These are the ones I used)
Foam spacer squares
Black flocking

Note on the flocking: Don't buy a pound of flocking for this project!  You really only need a very small amount. A few pinches! If you can find it, "Ultra Fine Flower Soft" will work well for the bee fuzz. Or search for miniature landscape "scatter" or "static grass" and you should find something suitable.