Saturday, July 27, 2019

Potterific Magical Fruit Stand

Any time I'm asked to do a project, my mind immediately wonders if I can turn it into something Potter themed. It's an illness. A compulsion. An obsession! I might need help.

AlphaStamps: Nichola, do you want to make a miniature fruit stand?

Me internally: Was there fruit in Harry Potter?

Yes... yes there was.

Magical Fruit Stand - Nichola Battilana -

But first, the stand. I've taken the Small Peddlers Cart and added a roof to it. Nothing fancy, just some card-stock and then more card as shingles. I've also added a shelf (again, simple card-stock) so that I could achieve height with the products I placed inside. I really wanted to chock this little cart with loads of goodies!

Magical Fruit Stand - Nichola Battilana -

There's a patch of moss on the roof (because it's damp up there) and a few toadstools have sprouted. The toadstools were handmade with Creative Paperclay and the 'moss' is Green Turf Grass and didn't go nuts with it, a little sprinkling in the corner was plenty.

Check out the "Snow Owl Apples" sign on the front from the Tiny Labels for Crates, Jars, & Cans Collage Sheet. Totally looks like Hedwig!

But now for the goods...

Magical Fruit Stand - Nichola Battilana -

Look at all that little magical goodness. I will admit to taking some liberties with the fruit / magic / Potter theme to fill out this scene... but I'm pleased! 

Magical Fruit Stand - Nichola Battilana -

I've included Dirigible Plums, which look like orange radishes. They grow upside-down and are believed to help people believe the unbelievable. Elongated pinched up pieces of Creative Paperclay with a snippet of faux foliage poking out of the top.

Magical Fruit Stand - Nichola Battilana -

Another Potter specific reference, self-peeling sprouts. Made with tiny balls of polymer clay with small cuts made into the surface. Its the paint doing all of the work here, making these simple balls look very sprouty.

Magical Fruit Stand - Nichola Battilana -

Poison apples. Ok, not a part of the Potterverse, but being a big part of fairy tale and folk lore I think they should absolutely be included in a magical fruit cart.

Magical Fruit Stand - Nichola Battilana -

Same goes for toadstools. If I were visiting Hogsmead I would be totally disappointed if a grocer did NOT have spotted toadstools available.

Magical Fruit Stand - Nichola Battilana -

There's a lot of extra stuff tucked here and there on that cart: lemons (for Snape's lunch), a little potted mandrake, candy apples (which I'm almost certain Dumbledore would have bought on the spot. He did have a sweet tooth after all), pots of jam, little jars of citrus and a pie on top... because why the heck not? Ask my husband, pie is magic.

Magical Fruit Stand - Nichola Battilana -

I'm quite pleased with that little cart and it's magical goods. There were about a million pieces that went into making it. Below is a list of all the supplies I used, but you can find them all in one place HERE.

*Deep breath* Here we go:

Small Peddlers Cart 
Fruit Paradise 6x6 Paper Pad
Glossy Accents (mixed with red paint and applied to apples for 'candied' effect)
Creative Paperclay

Miniature Wooden Crates
Tiny Picnic Basket - Half Scale
Tiny Chipboard Crates - Set of 2
Even Tinier Chipboard Crates - Half Scale

Flat Miniature Bread Basket
Miniature Resin Bowl*
Even Tinier Bottles
Red Jam Mini Resin Jars
Grape Jelly Mini Resin Jars
Orange Marmalade Mini Resin Jars
Ghoulish Green Mini Resin Jars

Spring Green Lichen Mix
Green Turf Grass

misc fruit:
Tiny Resin Strawberries Cabochons

Polymer Clay Lime Cane

Collage Sheets:

You're also going to need a little glue, paint, and extra cardboard


Magical Fruit Stand - Nichola Battilana -