Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Van Gogh Tunnel Book

You know who I love? (Besides you, of course) Van Gogh.

One of the most moving artistic experiences of my life was seeing "Starry Night on the Rhone" in a darkened room at the Art Gallery of Ontario. There is a tremendous 'life' in his work, as though they are living, breathing things.

When I saw the sunflowers in this months AlphaStamps Tunnel Book Kit I thought of dear Vincent and made a little something VanGogh-y.

Instead of a book, I've painted each of the pages from the 4x4 Arch Tunnel Book like a VanGogh landscape with acrylic paint, then used foam squares to create space between the layers.

The layers are then framed with a simple strip of cardstock painted black, and covered with the blue paper from the Banner Year 6x6 Paper Pad

A few resin sunflowers, and acrylic stars and a portrait of the the man himself popped in, front and centre.... ONLY IT'S NOT VINCENT!!!!

After putting this piece together I learned that not terribly long ago (2011) experts determined that the guy in this particular portrait is not Vincent, but his brother, Theo.

No worries! This is still a sweet reminder of Vincent and filled things he loved best: stars, sunflowers, colour... and his brother and biggest supporter, Theo.

Want to make your own arty homage? Grab yourself a AlphaStamps Tunnel Book Kit or all the separate bits below:

4x4 Arch Tunnel Book
Banner Year 6x6 Paper Pad
12mm Resin Sunflowers
Acrylic Rhinestone Stars (not exactly the same that I used)
Acrylic paint
Small printout of Vincent/Theo