Sunday, September 01, 2019

"Woodland Dreams" Art Walk Alchemy 2020

Mystic Spring Studios released their lineup for Art Walk Alchemy 2020 today and I'm pretty excited to announce that I'll be taking part as one of the instructors. 

It's a sweet deal. 24+ mixed media projects with in depth video instruction for each, artist support for each project, freebies and surprises, as well as a community of fellow makers. The classes are released throughout the year (so there will always be something fresh) and there's a good variety of projects. 

Can you guess which one of these projects is mine? 

Preregistration opened today with an early bird price (until December 31st) of $99 for all 24 courses. After that the price bumps up to $125. Pop over HERE for all the details.

Here are all of the other artists taking part and instructing in "Woodland Dreams" Art Walk Alchemy 2020