Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Art Walk Alchemy 2020 - Woodland Dreams + pie, glorious pie!

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. We had turkey and spuds and sprouts and all the traditional trimmings. I can't even remember the last time I had turkey! It was a nice change and I'll admit I'm looking forward to the forever leftovers and have big plans for the rest of that gobbler.

Check out the spiced pear bread pudding I made for dessert. It was glorious and well worth falling off the low-carb diet for.

**Full disclosure, the kid did not approve of this non-pumpkin pie dessert. He's nuts.

I'm also plugging Art Walk Alchemy 2020 today. 24+ projects taught over the course of 2020, take a gander at the projects that are included...

Did you catch my little Irish Fairy Cottage in there?! There's a couple of classes I'm really looking forward to doing myself. Did you see those gorgeous rings?

If you're thinking of signing up there's 'early bird' pricing until December 31st and it's a pretty sweet deal. All 24+ projects for $99 (or $125 after the cut off date).  Pop over HERE for more information or to sign up and join me!