Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Happy October, and an Autumn Besom

Can you believe it's October? I swear September only lasted two weeks and there's Christmas stuff in the shops already. Ugh.

I'm going to slow myself down. If you want to speed along, go around me, enjoy yourself, but I'm going to savour this autumn and all it's magic.

A very short while ago I bought a whole bag of little brooms from a thrift shop. I knew right away they'd make perfect magic besoms.

So to celebrate autumn, and add dash of magical protection, I've tarted up one of those wee brooms with some magic.

White sage from the garden, oak leaves and acorns from the cemetery (with flowers left in exchange), and a protection bindrune carved with good intentions.

I feel good about that magic hanging in my door and think those leaves will dry quite nicely.

Now to gather all sorts of lingering flowers and plants and leaves to make magical besoms for all around the house! There will be magic pouring out of my windows and into the world.