Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Crochet, Scarves and Stabby Moons

About once a year I get the itch to knit or crochet. I am TERRIBLE at knitting. I am much less terrible at crochet. I've managed a whole slew of scarves of various lengths, colours and simple patterns.

I've made a few short scarves to turn into cowls. I was debating whether to add buttons, sew the ends or add a brooch and decided to experiment. 

I made a large sort of stick pin with a pointed dowel and a slice of wood. (I know there's a name for this sort of simple scarf pin but it totally escapes me... do you know what it's called?)

I notched the end of the dowel to give a flattened surface for the round to sit on then simply glued them in place.

Next to paint them with moons and stars... because that's what I like, baby.

I'm pretty sure these will also replace the pencil that is usually holding my hair bun in place. 

It's currently -10C here and I am sorely tempted to wear every one of these scarves all at once.

Stay warm and keep crafting, my friends!