Monday, December 23, 2019

Artwalk Alchemy Holiday Sale

I have been absolutely swamped with holiday prep and stress. Creating took a bit of a back seat to baking and painting over the past two weeks. I even painted the flipping ceiling in my kitchen and made a gingerbread house from scratch (never again). My annual Christmas meltdown came early. It might seem mad but I'm glad I hit the breaking point because that's the moment I start to let go and enjoy the holidays. Oh anxiety, you are a cheeky bugger.

ANYWAY... I've mentioned before that I'm an instructor with Art Walk Alchemy 2020. 24+ projects offered over the course of 2020. Here's my wee project that will pop up in March....

A tiny cottage inspired by Irish faeries!

There's loads of other great projects offered throughout the year and I'll be participating as a student in many of them. I. Can't. Wait.

If you're considering signing up, right now you can get the whole years worth of classes for $89 US when you use the code XMAS89 at checkout.

And now, if you'll pardon me, I'm going to stuff my face full of carbs and look lovingly at my wonky Christmas tree.