Friday, January 24, 2020

A Life-sized Mystic Hutch

A few months ago I made this is "Little Mystics Hutch"

A number of people said that they'd like a life sized version, and I found myself wishing for one too. So, quicker than you can recite the SATOR square I bought myself this big brown hutch for $40 off of facebook marketplace. (Excuse the mess, we were 'cleaning'.)

I finally got my butt in gear and transformed that big brown thing this week.

I painted the old thing with left over house paint. I didn't want to spend a load of money because A) I am cheap B) I didn't know if it would turn out like I envisioned in my head.

Next a smattering of stars with plain old acrylic craft paint. For a nice splatter, make sure that your paint isn't too runny (otherwise it may drip) and not to have too much paint on your brush. You want a brush that is more dry than wet so that you get a spray rather than a splatter. If you do get a splotch, just turn that into the larger star it was meant to be.

I felt like I wanted something more on the cupboard so I added the astrological constellations and the big dipper. I don't feel like it's quite there yet, and will likely add more symbols and designs over time, but for now I'm pleased. For the designs I used a chalk writer then gave a quick spray of top to seal everything.

Finally, I filled my cupboard with all sorts of mystical bits!

Jars of herbs and bottles of oils, candles, a collection of tarot decks, candles, nests, crystals! There's all sorts of magic on there.

It's a bit of a fun mystical mess in these pics. I couldn't wait to fill up my life-sized mystic hutch! It will become a bit more organized and workable over time but for now I'll enjoy the chaos.

Can you spy the original hutch? Awww, looks like a baby here.

That's it dear friends! Make sure to run with your crazy ideas and dreams too. Sometimes, when the planets align just so and your crystals aren't being wieners, things turn out absolutely dandy and just like they are in your noggin.