Sunday, March 29, 2020

House Front Letter Box

In the midst of the worlds current craziness I find I'm having issues concentrating. While it seems that now might be the perfect time to tackle a big and complex project, I just can't seem to muster the gumption needed. A little distraction on the other hand... totally doable.

So I've taken a House Front Box Kit and made a wee box for the mail that is still managing to get through. I love getting mail, if you have little ones maybe they'd like to get some mail too.

I don't have a video tute for this project, but I do have some step-by-steps you can follow.

1. Clean the edges of the pieces you'll be using and orientate the pieces of House Front Box Kit so that you know how they'll fit together.

2. Cover one side of the slotted base and cut out the holes using a sharp blade. This will be the top side of the base.

3. Cover the bottom side of the side. No need to cut out the holes on this side.

4. Glue the box together.
Note: Consider tracing the house shape of the front of the box onto your decorative paper before gluing pieces in place.

5. Cover the inside and outside of the box with decorative paper.

Note: I covered the little holes on the sides of the box. If you want to add a handle, string or ribbon, you'll want to poke those holes open.

6. Prepare your decorate elements.

• Paint the door included in the House Front Box Kit, a little "Letters" Plate, and a turret from the Turrets Set of 4 with red acrylic paint.

• Paint window frames from the House Front Box Kit and a Mini Crest Sign black. 

7. Add a non-discript picture to the window frame. You might also want to sandwhich a layer of clear plastic between the frame and the image to give the shiny appearance of glass.

8. For the mailbox I simply sliced one of the little turrets in half. Cover the exterior with paper to hide the curved opening then cut with a sharp blade.

9. For the top piece, apply the prepared Mini Crest Signadd a bit of paper to the back of the "Letters" Plate to make the lettering pop, and then add a Faux Metal Number Plate

10. Pop your window, door and mailbox in place.

11. Fill with letters and notes for those that you're quarantined or locked-down with!

Here's all the bits you'll need:

House Front Box Kit
Turrets Set of 4
Mini Crest Sign
"Letters" Plate **available from AlphaStamps
Faux Metal Number Plates 1 to 25
Scrapbook paper
Black and red acrylic paint
Plastic for windows (optional)