Monday, April 06, 2020

The Corona Chronicles **SWEARING AHEAD

The sweary journaling group I belong to on Facebook decided to do a round themed around this pesky Covid 19. I know swearing isn't everyones cuppa so please be warned that the following contains plenty of f-words.

With that warning out of the way, I present, The Corona Chronicles.

This little hardcover book was made with THIS tutorial from adogslife13 on youtube for the inside pages, and then adding a cover using cardboard and scrapbook paper.

All of the pages contain images from 1940's - 1950's advertising and I love the way they pair with the salty language. No collage sheet this time around as I'm not sure of the copyright status of some of the images so I'm sticking with personal use only.

Anywho, enjoy the swears ....

Hope you enjoyed my wee book of swears "The Corona Chronicles", and I hope you're staying safe!

Take care, lovelies!