Saturday, May 16, 2020

Black Books Altoid Tin

Are you familiar with Black Books? It's a UK show from the 2000's about a bookshop, it's grumpy owner Bernard Black, and his friends Fran and Manny.

The show is a bit ridiculous and boozy and cigarette filled. I first saw it AGES ago but spied it on Prime last week and binged all three seasons all over again. I've been feeling a bit "Bernardish" lately and was inspired to make my own pocket-sized book shop to lord over.

I tried to get everything just right with the limited source photos out there. Made all those wee books for the window display and even made a tiny sign that said "Books Bought & Sold" because I caught a glimpse of it in a pic of the set... and then I promptly forgot to place it before sealing the window up! NOOOO!!!!! And you'd be none the wiser if I didn't tell you. DOUBLE NOOOO!!!!!

Ah well, I'm pretty pleased with the little thing even without the sign. Aren't those the cutest garbage bags you've ever seen?!?!

And in case you've never heard of Black Books (for shame!), here's a pic from the show with my teeny version below.

Not too terrible, eh? I'm well pleased with myself :)

As for the outside...

The first episode has Manny entering the shop searching for "The Little Book of Calm" and I thought of making the exterior look like the cover of the book. However, I'm a fan of the "NO TIME WASTERS" sign that appeared outside the shop. I mean, I have a "Go Away" sign outside my front door so I was basically obligated to go with this option.

No collage sheet or tutorial for this project, but I will leave you with some fitting words of wisdom from Bernard Black, "The pay's not great, but the work is hard." 

Ain't that the truth.

Stay safe, and wash your hands xoxo