Sunday, February 07, 2021

Matchbox Record Shop - A Prototype

For a very long time I didn't listen to music much. Certainly not new music. Certainly not music outside of my comfort zone. When I was young I thought that music would forever be the heartbeat of my days. It would be ever present and thumping life along. Then there came a long period of silence and comfort in the familiar.

But there's a sort of revival going on inside my head right now. Tired of the silence and comfort, I'm enjoying the rediscovery of my heartbeat. Give me all of the new noises and caterwauling and poetry (good and bad)! No, I don't like it all, some of it is awful, but I am delighting in the revelations.

These past few weeks I've been pushing myself, not just in the music I've been listening to, but in my work too. I've continued to make those little vinyl LPs, striving to make them better and better, taking great satisfaction in the accuracy of those silly little things. 

Which brings me to this matchbox record shop. "MAKE IT SMALLER! MAKE IT BETTER!" my mind screams at me. "DO MORE, MORE, MORE!" While I don't usually like to be shouted at, right now I'm grateful for the inspiration momentum (plus it's my own head yelling at me, so it's not so bad).

This is just the prototype. There is loads of room for improvement (which excites me!) but I was so chuffed by these initial steps I wanted to share them and show them off.

Just a standard matchbox with little bits of cut paper and a few snips of plastic... but the results are sooooo stonking cute! I'm well pleased.

While I AM pleased with this wee version, I KNOW I can do better and my mind is racing with ways in which to improve. This is such a fiddly mother fucker, I'm also wracking my brain to think up ways in which I can make a simplified version that others can make without getting too frustrated.

So, this long winded post is just to show off, with nothing to sell, or teach, or link to. Just a post because I'm pleased with myself and want to share something that is making my heart beat at right this minute. Holy heck, I've missed that thumping.

*The sign I used for the record shop is from an actual record store that was located in New Jersey and has been closed for a number of years.