Thursday, October 12, 2023

Halloweeny: Money Paw

 Have you heard of monkey paws and their ability to grant wishes?

Only problem is, as with most wishing mechanisms, everything gets turned sideways and you'll regret not heeding that old adage "Be careful what you wish for". Why can't monkey paws, leprechauns and djinn just let us be rich and successful rather than ply us with their this trickery!?

This paw is quite harmless as it's made from a skeleton hand salad tong and not a real monkey.

I chopped up the hand to give the proportions I wanted, then sculpted up some monkey flesh using air dry and paper clay.

For the nails I used acrylic press on nails and grunged them up a tad. The 'fur' is wool roving.

And to get that sort of shiny dehydrated mummified flesh, I painted the piece with black acrylic paint mixed with Mod Podge.

Now, if you knew this monkey paw could grant wishes BUT you were also aware that it was a tricky bugger... how would you phrase your wishes so that you didn't get scammed by the sneak?