Friday, October 06, 2023

Halloweeny: A Talisman

I was asked to create a protection talisman. A proper one. One that looked like it meant business. Of course I obliged.

It had to be small, and scary, and include some metal.

The thing about protective talismans is that they SHOULD be scary. Do you want a little puffy floof of a dog protecting your space? Or a snarling hell hound that drools and bares it's teeth to any potential interlopers up to no good?

And so I created a little skull, an emblem of death, yes, but also an emblem of old spirits, and ancestral protection. Atop the skull is a protective bindrune. 

A crown of 13 steel pins is ready to poke, stick and jab when need be.

There is natural wool poking this way and that, a natural protective material. Wool that keeps us warm. Wool that keeps us safe and dry. Wool that provides a homey safety. 

The final touches are a pinch of spanish moss. Often used to stuff poppets and used in revenge spells, but here it's a warning: 'I am prepared to seek justice if necessary'. There's red cotton thread with intention tied in it's knots. And finally a hand-forged iron nail. Iron being a strong protective material that repells the magic of others and keeps the holder safe.

What would you add to your own protective talisman?