Thursday, September 06, 2007

And so it begins...

I usually begin my magickal workings by really thinking about the issue and what it is that I want/need to accomplish. I'm pretty terrible at meditation so this is usually done while I am preforming tasks like folding socks, ironing, and is especially fruitful while I am painting. My first realization was that I needed to reaffirm my trust in the goddess and that all would turn out well no matter how frustrated I was feeling. That alone made me feel a bit better and helped me to see the signs around me.

There is a person from my past whom, I believe, was preforming some magick of their own. I'm not sure why this person felt as they did, but they did not have the best of intentions as far as I was concerned. I haven't seen or thought about this person in quite some time but yesterday someone mentioned them to me and today I saw them under very unsual circumstances. I also saw signs of someone else that were too hard to ignore. To me this suggests that some serious cleaning, clearing and protection needs to be done.

Perhaps there are times when it's not necessarily the direct situation that needs to be dealt with but rather the bigger picture. Maybe, at this point at least, I'd be better off clearing my space and protecting my family than trying to summon Ms. Poppins.

** Update: I started cleaning my house and already things are looking up. Way up! I'm so grateful to the goddess for her guidance and I'm so very lucky to be on the path that I am on.