Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thank the Goddess for Sewing Machines

Things have been super busy around the Knickertwist house. There aren't enough hours in the day. Seriously! If there were some way I could wave my wand, add a few hours here and there, and perhaps have my mop clean the floors by itself, I'd be set. Unfortunately I haven't found that secret just yet.

Mister Knickertwist has been hijacked by his job... the grape harvest has begun. This means that he's gone long before I drag myself out of bed and doesn't get home until 8pm. It's not nice. Add to this all the other things that life throws your way and there isn't much time to do anything. Sometimes you need to make time for what's really important.

Little master D had a dress up birthday bash to attend this past Saturday. The theme was fairy's and princesses but since he's a fella we decided that perhaps an elf would be a more suitable costume. Time slipped away (as it always does) and before I knew it it was Friday and there was still no costume. I had a commitment for Friday evening but I decided that I'd cut that short and race home to get to the making. I was home shortly after 10, put the kiddo to bed, then jumped up and ran to the sewing machine.

I love my sewing machine. I know it's wrong to love 'things' but I really do love Bessy (that's the name I've given my beautious machine). I remember sewing items by hand in the past... now I can't imagine life without my wonderous machine. In no time at all I'd managed to wrangle a costume out of my fabric stash. It looks a bit "Robin Hood" but since he started out as "Robin Goodfellow", a wood sprite, I'm satisfied. I did make a set of ears to attach to the hat, unfortunately the hot glue didn't like the materials I used and the plain old white glue hadn't dried in time for the party. Ah well, you can't win them all.