Friday, October 19, 2007


I love Halloween. There has always seemed to be something magical about Halloween night, I've always felt this way, even as a child. I am determined that little D will grow to feel that this is a special occasion too.

When D started school we were asked about what holidays we celebrated. We said that we were pagan and celebrated all major holidays as well as a few others. His teacher was confused. "Let's just say that Halloween is a really big deal in our house." I told her. She said that many parents don't even realize when Halloween is, that many totally forget about it. My own mother asks every year "What day is that on again?" Darn muggles. I hope that D will embrace Halloween as a special holiday for our family.

For the past two years we've had what we've dubbed a "Halloweeny Party" for D and his little friends. Basically just creepy food, a few games and a chance for parents to gab for a couple of hours. This year has been crazy busy and I'm sad we're not doing one but I am glad of a little less stress. Still this is a tradition I'll want to rekindle next year, we'll just have to find a way to make a go of it again. It's nice to share the Halloweeny goodness with others who may otherwise only toss a costume on their kid and trick-or-treat a few blocks.

A tradition that we have followed for a number of years now is a Dumb Supper. This can mean different things (a dinner eaten in silence, one that is served backwards... dessert first) but for us we set an extra place at the dinner table, a place for any spirit guests to join in our feast. We make a nice meal and toast our family, those that have passed and the year ahead.

We also do little things. Decorations are put out. Our altar is decorated for the season. Extra care is taken for offerings to our departed. Little D gets a homemade costume. We... errr, okay, I... buy too many pumpkins and Mister K shakes his head. And just like boxing day, we go out after Halloween and buy up as many deals on Halloween decorations as we can.

Anywho, here is a pic of D in this years costume. There are still a few finishing touches but it's almost there. He's such a ham.