Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Insomnia = Productivity

***If you are my vintage Halloween swap buddy look away now!
Okay, when little master D actually goes to sleep (and I don't fall asleep putting him to bed) I manage to get quite a bit done. I suppose it helps that I'm suffering from a wee bout of insomnia and need to keep myself busy with something or rot my mind watching the same episode of CSI Miami for the millionth time.

This evening I started on three more wizard paintings. See them above in various stages of development. Works in progress are fascinating and frightening at the same time. They still need loads of work and I'm not nearly as happy with these as I am my other two paintings just yet but they will get there in time. They just need a lot of love.

I've also sent off my package for my "Vintage Halloween" swap partner. My favourite thing that I made was this little box. It looks like a trunk on the outside but inside it's a wee Halloween shrine. I hope she likes it!