Sunday, October 07, 2007

Readings, readings and more readings

I am totally wiped out.

Last night I attended Haunted Hamilton's Gothic Gala where I did short readings from about 8pm till almost 11pm. I have never read so many people in such a short time span. It was one person right after another, non-stop (except during the performances) and when I had to finish up to prepare for the seance there were still people waiting to be read. I really felt badly for those that had been waiting but all of the readers were all totally drained by that time. One of the other girls had counted reading over 30 people in the three hours.

It's funny reading people. Last night there were a few that came to my table and I just couldn't do it. I felt like the stones/cards weren't saying anything at all to me. Then others had readings that told an entire story. If nothing showed up in a private reading then I'd simply give back the person's money, in this situation it's just plug away and do your best to come up with something satisfactory.

There was a stone the kept coming up last night that basically means death and all things terrible. I was starting to think that everyone in the room was cursed or that we'd be struck by lightening but then I thought that perhaps it was something else so I ignored it during the readings. During the actual seance one of the girls felt some nastiness within our protected circle. A few of us went over and the general consensus was that some negativity had slipped through. It was strange walking to the spot that they directed. There was a feeling of pressure like being underwater. A few people felt ill, some needed to sit, one girl was almost in tears, we did hear some whispering but unfortunately there were no raps on the table, or bumps from the attic.

It was a fun night and I had a great time doing the readings but today I am tired and would kill for a nap.

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