Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Being the craft enthusiast that I am I usually make a few gifts around the holiday season. My goal this year is to make almost all of the gifts that I am giving and those that I do not craft myself I'm doing my darnest to buy handmade.
Here is some of what I have made so far...
I'm really excited about making everyone on my list something that they will truly like. I know that there will be people who will be disappointed that they are not getting store bought (like my 9 year old cousin who when asked what his hobbies and collections were said "money") but I decided after last Christmas that I am the giver and that means I get to pick what gets given. Those people who are disappointed wouldn't be happy with what I bought them anyway. At least if I craft my Yuletide gifts then it means something to me.
Still have quite a few items on my list but I feel like I have made a nice little dent in the crafting department. When it's all done (hopefully around December 1st) I will take new/better pics of my beautious mound of glorious handmade goodies.