Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa's Coming!

Hurrah! It's snowing outside, lovely crunchy snowball making type snow, and I am very excited. It seems like ages since we had a wonderfully white Christmas.

My co-worker thinks that it's hysterical that someone who is proudly pagan gets so overly excited about all things Christmas. Being pagan doesn't mean that we have to exlude all the Christmassy goodness just because we aren't Christians or aren't celebrating the birth of Jesus. The parties, gift-giving, cookie making, Santa, old Christmas movies, feasting... I can't get enough of it. We celebrate Yule but that does not mean that we can't fit in the Christmas hubbub too. Our beliefs and practices are something that we share as a family in our home. We create a Yule log from a cutting from our Christmas tree, we have a feast to celebrate the coming of the light. It's nice to have beliefs that are important to us and the freedom to celebrate them. Christmas is about the spirit of the season and not about what god or gods people believe in. It's a time to show your joy and your love for family and friends, no matter what their beliefs.

I think I'll go home early and make a snow goddess :)