Sunday, September 13, 2009

If it ain't Scottish...

Yesterday was spent exploring the sights around our new hometown. We visited the Belleville market in the morning. Smallish but fantastic! Tomatoes were really expensive though (Does $20 a bushel seem like a lot?).

Then it was off to the Trenton Scottish and Irish Festival. Lots of great sights and sounds for everyone with a bit of green in their blood. My fave was the 'Heavy Games' where the big men in kilts compete in crazy feats of strength. Like tossing a 20 lb rock 60ft.

Or the 'Sheep Toss' where a bag is thrown with a pitchfork high into the air.

That post is set to 31' 2", the Canadian amateur record is 31'. If only he'd managed to toss it over the post, rather than beside it. Ah well, I'm sure he'll be breaking records in no time at all.

Still working on my gals as well as my coven of witch's... for now I'm stripping hideous wall paper in my bathroom and trying to prep myself for days and days of painting.