Monday, September 14, 2009

The Loo

Although there are still packed boxes around the joint I've decided to tackle a room. The upstairs bathroom desperately needs attention.

This is a pic taken when we were looking at the house. The wallpaper was the strangest thing I've ever seen. It was sort of plastic and spongy and was a terrible eyesore. Here's a shot of the stuff with a pretty good idea as to the colour of it...

Ick! Most of the stuff wasn't too bad to get off. One 2 x 3 foot section above the tub proved to be torturous however and took twice as long as the rest of the entire room to remove.

Now that the paper is off and I've puttied the holes it's time to paint. I'm trying some recycled/eco paint on the walls which was fairly inexpensive but I'm a tad worried about because it seems a little thin. I'm also going to give painting the floor a go. I'm a bit worried about painting floors but I bought the proper paint and the room doesn't exactly have heavy traffic so hopefully it turns out well.

The colours? White. I'm terrified to be adventurous with paint.