Monday, September 07, 2009

The last days of summer...

I've always thought of the Labour Day weekend as the end of summer. I know the end really isn't until the equinox but there is something final about Labour Day.

It's been a beautiful weekend (and quiet too... ) and we've hosted our fist house guest. My mother came up for a few days and despite the boxes still littering the hallways and other moving leftovers, it was a pretty nice time for all. Quiet and relaxing... ah, just as things should be.

With all the peace and quiet I've managed to squeeze in some proper baking and cooking.
Quiche with broccoli and panchetta...
Nectarine crumble cake...
And today... the MUCH anticipated gnocchi

I can't eat store bought gnocchi but these home made goodies are a different story. There is simply no comparison.

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