Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Setting off fire alarms and other good things.

I set off the fire alarm in the new house. It's sort of good because I was beginning to wonder if they actually worked. In the old house a steamy shower or toast for breakfast would set the buggers off. This time it was a smoky cauldron of incense. The previous owners had a security system installed so besides the piercing alarm sound a voice says "Fire, fire! There is smoke in the house!" It scared the hell out of me :)

Besides setting off alarms I've been stripping wall paper, unpacking, cleaning and doing dishes and laundry. It's still slow going but at least it's going...

I have been crafting too. I just can't show most of what I've been doing just yet. Here is something I can show though... just finished it this morning.

Totally inspired by Phizzy's Altered Jigsaw Puzzle.

It was a lot a lot harder than I expected. Those curves and funny spaces make for a difficult canvas. It was also a pain to trim the excess paper in those curves and bumps. So happy I chose a puzzle with larger pieces. I'm glad I did it though and might even do another one with a theme.

Interested in making your own? Here's the link to the craftster Altered Puzzle-along